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Parish of Prazeres


Area: 13 km2
Population: 704 inhabitants (Census 2011)
Densidade Population density: 51,7 hab/km2
Distance to the centre of the municipality: 7,6 km




Originally linked to Estreito da Calheta, the civil parish of Prazeres became independent on 18th December 1676. Its name comes from a small chapel dedicated to Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres (Our Lady of Joy), built prior to the creation of the civil parish.

Natural beauty has the power to elevate the senses and with the landscapes here, it is easy to understand why. The parish its self is an extensive natural viewpoint from where you can view seemingly distant places, in perfect symbiosis with the ocean, forming an exclusive meeting point between land and the sea.


Built Heritage


Parish Church of Nossa Senhora das Neves



In 1676, a charter passed by Dom Pedro II authorized Bishop Dom Frei António Teles the disintegration of the shrine of Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres (Our Lady of Joy). At the time Prazeres was dependent on Calheta, as were some inhabitants of Fajã da Ovelha, the intent was the creation of a new civil parish. The works for the church were put out for bidding by the Board of Finance, and in 1689, were auctioned to Manuel dos Santos. Father Manuel Dias Pinheiro became its subsequent priest.

The temple was to be built further away from the original. A provision from June 1784 grants 3 arrobas of wax and three pitchers of oil to the Confraternity of Santíssimo de Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres. During the Miguelist Domain the church was robbed and the tabernacle desecrated, which caused widespread indignation, the Bishop even published a pastoral alluding to this sacrilege.