Why Stay in Calheta


The Municipality of Calheta possesses a wide array of sleeping accommodation such as hotels, villas, guest houses and rural tourism. There are more than 2000 beds between the various civil parishes, ranging from the more intimate to family concepts.

The development of lodging in recent years is due to the municipal policies adopted and the growing demand for accommodation in this region, and you’ll certainly understand why! Staying in Calheta allows you to be close to nature and all its activities or simply relish in the pleasant climate typical of this sunny region. Staying in Calheta is synonymous with enjoying peace and quiet while recharging your energies spent on everyday life or simply a guarantee that you’ll be able to experience and interact with Mother Nature. Staying in Calheta lets you listen to the birds in the morning or watch the sea along over 20km of coast. Staying in Calheta will give you full view of one of the best sunsets of the Island.

You’ll certainly be pleased with the experience and personalized service that our local agents offer all our guests.


Staying in Calheta gives you this…and much more!