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Calheta Beach

The bathing area of Calheta Beach is located at Avenida D. Manuel I, in the municipality of Calheta, in the western region of Madeira and is about 30 minutes’ drive from Funchal. In consists in two artificial inlets separated by a small bay that connects to and received water from the Atlantic Ocean. Next to the eastern seashore is the Hotel Calheta Beach and to the western side is the 24 de Junho Plaza.

The beach offers numerous support structures that include changing rooms, toilets (including accessible toilets), first aid room, bars, restaurants and parking. Access to Calheta Beach is free of charge.


  • The Beach is free of charge.
  • Information boards
  • Lifeguard towers – Lifeguards
  • Public and accessible toilets
  • Showers
  • Recycling point
  • Bins
  • First aid room
  • Games area
  • Universal accessibility 
  • Public telephones near the entrance to the marina
  • Walking route
  • Bars and restaurants
  • 3 car parks and disabled parking bays along Avenida D. Manuel I
  • Access to the seashore via stairs
  • Showers, sun loungers and parasols are subject to a fee
  • Ashtrays


Location coordinates 

Latitude:  32°43’14.54″N
Longitude: 17°10’40.67″W



Price list

Sun lounger: €2
Parasol: €1,50
Lockers: €0,50
Showers: €1
Ashtrays: €1 (à consignação)


See the Hydrographic Institutes website

Quality of bathing water 


Regulamento Municipal 

Check the regulations regarding use of the beach and get to know all about the correct use of Calheta Beach.


Beach safety recommendations

It is our opinion that safety tips and recommendations can never be stressed enough. Check the list below and make sure you follow these guidelines thus ensuring your day out at the beach is accident free.

  • Comply with the beach flag warning signs (see Beach Notice) and always follow the lifeguards instructions;
  • Never swim against the currents and do not swim out too far;
  •  Avoid excesses sun exposure, especially between 11h – 16h;
  • Wear a t-shirt, hat and sunglasses, particularly between 11h – 16h;
  • Always wear the appropriate sunscreen for your skin type, even if you are already tanned;
  • Protect yourself in the shade. Don’t forget that sand reflects the sun's rays;
  • After long periods in the sun, do not enter the water abruptly;
  • Watch your children carefully and keep a close distance;
  • Do not dive into the water except in supervised places that are especially for that purpose;
  • Avoid thermal shock by entering the water slowly permitting acclimatization; 
  • Wait 3 hours after a meal before bathing;
  • Prevent dehydration and hypoglycaemia by spaced intake of fruit, non-alcoholic drinks and light foods;
  • Never swim under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • In case distress do not hesitate to ask for help immediately.



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