Responsible Tourism

1 – DO NOT light fires.

The dangers inherent to this activity are very high and can easily get out of control.

Do not take that risk!! Calheta has several picnic parks where you can safely light a fire.

Check here for picnic parks in the Municipality of Calheta.

2 – DO NOT dump rubbish out in the open

Leave Mother Nature just as you found her.

It is important to take food with you as to adequately reenergize yourself. Any excess should be properly packed and stored in your backpack and should NEVER be dumped on route.

Nature is home to all of us, therefore, contribute and help keep it clean.

Calheta has several ecopontos (recycling centres) distributed throughout the different parishes.

We ask you to be responsible and leave any rubbish in the bins.

Check here for the nearest recycling centre.

3 – DO NOT vandalize natural habitats or geological heritage sites

Natural and geological heritage are both extremely valuable aspects that we have been able to preserve throughout the years.

We can only pass this legacy down to our future generations if we continue to protect it.

Collaborate with us by never leaving any personal marks on trees or geological heritage.


4 – DO NOT destroy Biodiversity


Our rich flora is of enormous scientific and touristic interest. NEVER pick plants, no matter the reason.

Floral development happens according to the specific characteristics of their natural habitat. Proceeding incorrectly destroys biodiversity.

Be an example and contribute to the maintenance of our biodiversity..

5 – - DO NOT disturb the animals

Animals living in their natural habitat are used to the tranquillity of their daily lives. Please try and maintain that peace and quiet. Sudden movements may force some parents to leave their nesting areas.

If you happen to encounter cattle do not make any sudden movements especially if there are any calves around as there may be a protective reaction from the animals that could put you in harm’s way. Instead make a bit of noise (like honking if you’re in a car).

6 – ALWAYS CLOSE taps at water fountains

The Municipality of Calheta has many water fountains scattered throughout the various parishes.

They make up part of the built heritage of the Municipality and many are to be repaired.

Quench your thirst but be mindful as not to waste water. 

Search here for your nearest water fountain.

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