Walking Routes



Dear Walker,

Welcome to the Municipality of Calheta!

Our region has many walking routes scattered among all our civil parishes that will certainly meet your expectations. Every year thousands of walkers of different nationalities visit us, each living out unique experiences whilst also interacting with nature. Many revisit our Municipality whereas others keep us as fond memories

You may find and tailor your walk according to your needs, mobility and even your mood. Our levadas, trails, Royal Roads and promenades make up a wide range of options that will certainly meet your expectations.

Make sure the trail you plan to take is appropriate for your physical capabilities or if said trail requires an experienced guide to accompany you. Your safety is our top priority!


Our Municipality prepared this section so as to keep you informed and help you take the necessary precautions. Enjoy the best of what Calheta has to offer, before, during and after your walk.

Carlos Manuel Figueira de Ornelas Teles, Mayor of Calheta