Basic Safety Rules to Keep in Mind


1- Before walking, check with official entities and / or informative platforms that the conditions for your activity are in order. The weather conditions and the occurrence of natural erosion are some examples to consider before going on a walk.

2- Check that the walk you are planning on doing is suited to your physical capabilities and that you have all the necessary equipment (walking poles, torches, walking boots, etc.).

3- Avoid walking alone. Always try to be accompanied by someone else. On more demanding routes go with a guide or an experienced walker.

4- Beware of timing and how long you’ll be out. Make sure you know what time the sunsets and don’t walk at night as your visibility will be greatly reduced.

5- If you opt for routes not on the Direção Regional de Florestas recommended list (P.R.), take a map and factual information as well as all the necessary equipment. Never put your safety at risk and precede with caution. The Municipality of Calheta, has made all its GPS routes available on this site. Do not venture off and do not leave the planned route.

6- On long routes, take enough food and drink necessary for the duration of your walk.

7- Do not challenge or defy imminent danger. Your acts, depend, above all, on yourself. Be cautious on your walks. 

8- Try to be contactable at all times. Inform a friend, family member or a local of your plans. Consult the list of emergency contacts available below.

9- Madeira's very particular orography make waterfalls frequent on walks. Do not feel tempted to rush whilst under them as the ground is usually very slippery. Put your raincoat on and proceed with caution. Always walk on the safest side (with less risk of falling).

Always make sure you have all the necessary equipment. Decent footwear and walking poles are very important, especially on more demanding walks. Make sure you're well hydrated and fed, always take snacks that will properly re-energize you.

If your walk is at a high altitude, always take warm clothing even if the weather is pleasant. Madeira has many micro-climates and the weather can change very abruptly.