Message from the President

Dear Visitors and Residents, 

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our website. We all know the huge importance communication currently has on our lives, therefore it is essential in promoting, informing and interacting with our citizens and visitors.

We begin now a new cycle, aware of the difficulties we face, but also conscious of the potential of our municipality and the capacities that Calhetenses have shown in overcoming difficulties.

We count on everyone because there is strength in unity. Through our website, in addition to the promotion and dissemination of everything that goes on in the Municipality of Calheta, we want to provide all internal information of the City Council, so as to clarify any issues that relate to the operation of the municipality and its various sections. 

 Calheta is in style and is becoming increasingly sought after as a tourist destination. We want to enhance our qualities and we know that this is an important "bond" to achieve this goal. We want to work so that Calheta becomes increasingly more attractive to our visitors and a source of pride for all Calhetenses.


Carlos Manuel Figueira de Ornelas Teles, Mayor of Calheta