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Parish of Jardim do Mar


Area: 0.74 km2
Population: 204 inhabitants (Censos  2011)
Population density: 98,8 hab/km2
Distance to the centre of the municipality: 5,9 km



Jardim do Mar (Garden of the sea) started off as a parsonage dependent firstly on Prazeres and then secondly on Paul do Mar. Its creation dates to the second quarter of the 18th century. It lays on a Fajã (land-deposit), formation unknown but most likely prior to the discovery of the Island. The beauty of the place, once carpeted with wildflowers, is the origin of the name Jardim do Mar and is reflected in other place names such as Sítio das Roseiras (Place of the rose bushes). On the waterfront, where there once stood a fountain, the ruins of the old mill indicate the sugar wealth of this civil parish.

Other symbolic traces of the past are some of the prismatic chimneys and the houses that surround the church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário. Framed by the sea and enclosed by cliffs, the tranquillity and quietness of years gone by are preserved in this parish, scattered in its typical narrow streets, low houses and decorative chimneys. This parish borders the civil parishes of Paul do Mar, Prazeres and Calheta.  


Build Heritage


Parish church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário

On 15th November 1734, a parsonage was created in the parish of Jardim do Mar, based in the existing Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Rosário (Our Lady of the Rosary). Later curate César Martinho Fernandes started the construction of a new church of the same patron, consecrated 19th September 1907 by Bishop Dom Manuel Agostinho Barreto. The parish church is a “reproduction” of the Notre Dame in Paris. 




Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Piedade


Founded in 1736 by João de Couto Cardoso, in 1825 was rebuilt by his successor Francisco João de Vasconcelos Couto Cardoso. During the rebuilding of the church, the chapel of Nossa Senhora da Piedade (Our Lady of Mercy), served as the parish seat. A tiny image of Santo António (St. Anthony) carved from a sliver of basalt originated from a rock fall that spared the life of a walker is revered there.







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