• Vereda da Garganta Funda

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Vereda da Garganta Funda

  • Itinerary
  • Caminho do Pedregal - Ribeira dos Moinhos "Garganta Funda"
  • Start
  • Caminho do Pedregal
  • End
  • Caminho do Pedregal




  • Typology
  • Difficulty
  • EASY
  • Terrain
  • Direction
  • Distance
  • 1,2 KM (2x 0,6 KM)
  • Time
  • 30 - 45min

3D Route

Source: Google Earth

How to get here

Having Funchal as reference:

  • Follow the Via Rápida (VR1) towards Ribeira Brava;
  • In Ribeira Brava follow the Via Expresso (VE3) towards Ponta do Sol and Calheta;
  • Once you arrive in Raposeira (termination of VE3), follow the first exit towards the Estrada Regional (E.R. 101);
  • At the crossing in Lombadinha with E.R. 101 go left and follow Caminho do Pedregal;
  • The path is to the left.


Points of Interest

The waterfall of “Garganta Funda” is a site that demonstrates the magnificence of the slopes and the perfect conjunction of the waterways that run into the Atlantic Ocean, which are major point of interest along this route.

The walk is short and it is not generally used, as such there are areas where the path has been taken by the surrounding vegetation.

As this is a short walk it should be done calmly, allowing you to make the most of the quaint views over the serene village and farm land.

As in most of the higher areas of Calheta, peace and quality of life are the dominant characteristics of Ponta do Pargo. You’ll come across two scenes: traces of many abandoned palheiros (cow sheds/barns) and recent reconstructions of many others.

The truth is that they have been put to good use by locals and essentially by many tourists visiting Calheta. There are many licenses for 2nd homes occurring in recent years.

The search for tranquillity, nice weather and nature are the main reasons that make Calheta a top reference in Madeira. Be aware of opportunities and in case you need any clarification consult our municipal services.

The Garganta Funda (deep throat) waterfall deserves a moment of contemplation as does the Atlantic Ocean that completes the scene. To the left you can see the lighthouse and the rugged coastline of the Madeiran southwest.


In addition to the safety guide the Municipality of Calheta prepared specifically for you, which you may find here, please note these more specific recommendations:

- There are no safety barriers at the viewpoint over the waterfall, be careful when approaching this point;

- Being on a cliff side exposed to the sea breeze, be careful in case of strong winds.




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