• Caminho Real do Paul do Mar

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PR 19 - Caminho Real do Paul do Mar

  • Itinerary
  • Caminho Lombo da Rocha - Paul do Mar
  • Start
  • Caminho Lombo da Rocha
  • End
  • Rua do Cais




  • Typology
  • PR
  • Difficulty
  • Terrain
  • Direction
  • Distance
  • 1,8 KM
  • Time
  • 1h – 1h30min

3D Route

Source: Google Earth

How to get here

With Funchal as reference:

  • Take the Via Rápida (VR1) towards Ribeira Brava;
  • In Ribeira Brava, follow the Via Expresso (VE3) towards Ponta do Sol and Calheta;
  • Once you arrive in the village of Prazeres, follow the 2nd exit towards Caminho Lombo da Rocha;
  • Follow this road until the end, to get to the Jardim Atlântico Hotel;
  • The route is located on the left.


Points of Interest

PR 19 is a royal road that was once widely used by the locals to travel from the coast up to the mountains for various commercial purposes. The people of Paul do Mar used this route as a means of getting to the top of the cliff in order to farm and sell their fish.

The starting point of this walk is located at the hotel Jardim Atlântico, where you may also do the famous “pés descalços” or bearfoot walking experience. Just before you descend on Paul do Mar you‘ll pass the Lombo da Rocha viewpoint, which is where you should make your first stop. From here you can look out onto to the vast Atlantic Ocean and admire the picturesque fishing villages of Paul do Mar and Jardim do Mar.

On this walk, in addition to the waterfalls and the imposing cliffs around you, the geological beauty is one of the main attractions.

As you start your descent, there is a fork in the trail, here you should keep your course and follow the descent down to the port of Paul do Mar. This trail also marks the transition between the civil parishes of Prazeres and Paul do Mar.

At more or less the half way mark you’ll encounter a contemplation and resting point, the most difficult part is now behind you. Although there are safety fences at the riskier points you should always de extra cautious, as with any descent, in addition to steep slopes, erosion is also more frequent.

The water that flows through the bed comes from Ribeira Seca or Ribeira do Paul, nourishing the existing flora from which we’ll highlight the dry Laurissilva that consists in the dominant Barbusano and Canary Bay tree.

Once you arrive in Paul do Mar you’ll easily see the influence of the fishing industry on this village.


In addition to the safety guide the Municipality of Calheta prepared specifically for you, which you may find here, please note these more specific recommendations:

- Due to the erosive nature of the coastline, we recommend you have appropriate footwear and also walking-poles;

- If you do not have a head for heights please be aware that this route is quite exposed. Make sure this walk is suitable for you.




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